Butter cookiez

Album: Colorfull life (2010)

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Song: Butter Cookiez - First Beat (intro)

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We were born on 23 December 2007 with a new desire.
And get a new name is "BUTTER COOKIEZ"

With a brain full of adolescent rebellion, we tried to pour our thoughts into music.

We call our music as "Experimental and Happy Punk"
And we made some songs which we will enter into our first album entitled "COLORFUL LIFE"

Until now, the songs that have been created are:
1. First Beat (intro)
2. Hidup Penuh Warna
3. Tetap Berdiri
4. My F ** king Love Story
5. Nasyibnya Jepri
6. Hari Ini Untuk Esok
7. Never Walk Alone
and several more are still in the process.